I made the decision to try

IMG_6217The saying goes that ‘Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try’ and on October 1st 2015 I made my decision. I want to lead a healthier life and find out if I can be fitter and healthier in my thirties than I was in my twenties. I am 34 on December 24th and before my 40th birthday I want to see if I can achieve the following goals:

  1. Complete a 100 mile bike ride with my Dad in under 6 hours
  2. Run the Birmingham half marathon in under 90 minutes
  3. Run the London marathon in under 3 hours 30 minutes
  4. Finish the London triathlon in under 3 hours
  5. Reduce my golf handicap down to 16

The reason that I have picked these key goals is so that I have something measurable to ensure I reach my overall vision of being fitter in my thirties than I was in my twenties. After all if I don’t have a way of measuring my improvement I won’t know if I have made progress. I have chosen these goals because each one represents something better than my personal best, all of which were achieved in my twenties.

In order to make sure I complete these goals I am going to document my journey and that is where this blog comes in. I have read numerous times that people who make their goals public are more likely to achieve them. This is because of two main reasons; firstly by making your goals public you are accountable to a wider group of people and secondly when you achieve a goal you receive positive reinforcement.

This blog and the associated Instagram account are a way to keep my accountable and that is why the blog is called every_third_day. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I am going to post a blog every third day! The types of content I am going to be blogging about will include training tips I’m given, recipes I discover and want to share, ways to stay motivated and anything that helps me live a healthier life and achieve my vision.

I know that my journey to being fitter and healthier over the next six years is going to be a tough one but if I can accomplish my five goals by then my decision to try will have been vindicated.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog, I hope you enjoyed it!



6 thoughts on “I made the decision to try

  1. […] Despite this self inflicted setback I don’t believe that what I am trying to is impossible. Other bloggers such as The Food Medic and Thepigsadventure.com manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the challenge of a busy job. Where I have been falling down recently is that I don’t prioritise very well. I need to develop a mentality where I don’t waste a minute of the limited time I have available to me. If I make every minute count and always keep my end goal in sight then I have no doubt that I will not only achieve this year’s goal but also my other four! […]


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