Why I’m a green tea advocate

Green tea‘Want a cuppa?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions in businesses and homes across the country. As a nation we drink 876 cups each a year*, which is 2.4 cups of tea a day. Growing up I didn’t drink hot drinks and I have never been a tea fan. However at university I started to drink coffee and over the years my daily consumption rose to four or five cups a day.

A few years ago I started to suffer from constant headaches and always felt drained. It was around that time I decided to change my diet and my coffee intake was replaced by green tea. Since then I have become a green tea advocate and below are my four top reasons to start drinking green tea…

1 – Green tea helps to relax you

Putting the kettle at times of stress is a typically British thing to do and having a cuppa is a proven way to help de-stress. This is because tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which can help promote an increase in alpha activity. This is the brainwave state associated with relaxation and attention. So next time you a feeling stressed, have a cup of green tea and it will help you relax.

2 – Green tea helps keep you hydrated

A small level of dehydration is proven impact upon both your physical and mental performance. That’s why regularly drinking water is so important, as it helps to keep your mind and body functioning, as it should. However drinking nothing but water all day can be boring and that is another reason to drink green tea. Although it does contain caffeine, drinking two or three cups a day will still have a positive effect on your hydration levels.

3 – Green tea helps fight free radicals

It is well known that green tea is packed full of antioxidants, but what exactly do they do? The antioxidants you consume are like an internal army that acts as the first line of defence for the billions of cells that make up your body. The free radicals within your body can damage or kill healthy cells and the army of antioxidants prevent that from happening. So every cup of green tea you drink is helping to keep you healthy on the inside.

4 – It can help you burn fat and lose weight

Clinical research shows that regularly drinking green tea can help you burn fat and lose weight. However the key to the weight loss is the combination of regular exercise with drinking several cups a day. Scientists believe that it is the catechins in the drink that are responsible for helping boost metabolism and burn fat. The impact will vary from person to person but if you want to lose weight, drinking green tea is only going to help you achieve your goal.

So how many cups should you drink a day?

There have been countless studies into how many cups of green tea you should drink a day and the associated benefits. In my opinion the number of times you drink green tea in a day comes down to personal preference. I find that two or three cups a day works for me. I know that drinking that amount is not going to radically change my health, however drinking green tea has definitely helped me be healthier over the last few years and that’s why I would recommend everyone tries it.

And on that note I am off to make myself a cuppa, I hope you have enjoyed my blog.



*Results from a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the charity ‘Contact the Elderly’ in April 2015.


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