A little perspective is crucial

Three Bourbon biscuits

When I began this blog I wanted it to be an honest account of my fitness journey, so it had to include the good and the bad. And that is why I am posting this blog, because yesterday was more bad than good. Originally I planned to post a blog about a healthy chicken and vegetable tray bake recipe but I feel that this post is more appropriate.

Yesterday my food diary resembled something more akin to a child’s birthday party menu than that of someone trying to improve their health and fitness. Despite starting the day with porridge and a coffee, my healthy eating went downhill rapidly. Amongst other unhealthy snacks I managed to put away two slices of Christmas chocolate cake, three Bourbon biscuits, two cans of fizzy drink and six slices of pizza.

Now don’t get me wrong I know that it is important to have cheat meals and also reward yourself with some guilty pleasures from time to time. However, I am going out with friends for a meal on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday and that was my planned cheat meal.

As I drove home from work late last night I thought about falling off the healthy eating wagon and decided that it was not the end of the world. It was then that I made the decision to write something about the importance of maintaining a little perspective.

Yes my calorie intake yesterday was not a healthy balance of carbs, good fats and protein and I can guarantee that I didn’t get all the vitamins and minerals I needed, but it was only one day. The key to progress is to keep going even if you do suffer a setback and that is why I have committed to having a very healthy day today. In my experience it is very easy to let one unhealthy day turn into three unhealthy days and before you know it you have had a week of unhealthy eating and you lose the momentum you have been building.

In terms of getting a little perspective, I found comfort in two things. The first was that on Friday night I was getting ready for my Christmas party and put on my tux for the first time since last year’s Christmas party. It was then I discovered that my body shape had changed quite a lot. When I asked my wife if I looked ok, she gave me the kind of look that said ‘do you really need to ask me that’. Needless to say I didn’t wear my tux to the Christmas party.

The second comforting fact that helped me gain perspective was that when I looked at my weight and body fat stats compared to this time last year I saw a dramatic improvement. I am over a stone lighter and my body fat is 4% lower. The progress has come through making small changes and never losing focus on my goals.

Writing this blog has reaffirmed that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean living like a monk, it is about making the right choices for the majority of the time. So if you are reading this after eating one too many mince pies, don’t worry; they won’t undo all the good work you have put in if you get straight back on the wagon.



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