The hard work starts now – my three goals for 2016


With less than 24 hours left of 2015 I thought I would post a blog laying out my goals for 2016. I have spent the last few days thinking about what a successful 2016 would look like and I have decided on three key goals. To achieve them will require a lot of training, dedication and a few sacrifices but I know that the sense of accomplishment will be more than worth it.

Goal one – Complete a 100 mile charity bike ride in less than 6 hours

The reason for starting every_third_day was to see if I could be fitter in my thirties than I was in my twenties. To help me find out I set myself five goals (read about them here), the first of these was to complete a 100 mile bike ride with my dad in less than 6 hours. On the 3rd July 2016 I have my first opportunity to accomplish this goal. For Christmas I bought both my Dad and I a place in the Hearing Dogs Sportive. It is a 100 mile bike ride around the Chilterns and the surrounding countryside. My preparation for the race starts in January and I will be documenting my training for the big day either on here or Instagram.

Goal two – Reduce my golf handicap to 24

Golf is a huge passion of mine and I really want to improve my handicap in 2016. Getting my handicap down to 16 by the time I am forty is the fifth and final one of my five goals. To get to that level I know it is going to take some serious dedication over the next six years. To make me a better golfer in 2016 I have created my own little season, beginning on March 5th and ending on October 29th. The main aim for my 2016 season is to finish the year with a handicap of 24 or better. I will be practicing weekly and playing at least once a fortnight. To monitor my progress I will be using the handicap tracker

Goal three – Maintain a healthy body composition

Right now I am closer than I’ve been in years to a body composition that I am happy with. I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am now but with a little more dedication I can get to where I want to be. As four of my five big goals are based on endurance activities and the fifth is golf focussed the body composition I want is a lean and athletic one. Whilst my wife would be more than happy for my to look like Chris Hemsworth in Thor I am trying to achieve something more akin to Rory McIlroy. As with both of my other goals for 2016 I will be charting my progress on Instagram and my blog.

So there they are, my three goals for 2016. Writing them has really motivated me and I will be hitting the gym later before seeing in the New Year with a glass or two of champagne. Whatever your goals are for 2016 I really hope you achieve them. Let the hard work start now!



9 thoughts on “The hard work starts now – my three goals for 2016

  1. Hi Toby,

    Really interesting read and I think the goals you’ve set yourself and are setting for 2016 are great. Being in my late thirties myself its nice to see we share the same mindset. I’ll be following so I can see how you are getting along with your goals. All the best in 2016 !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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