My festive fortnight ‘positive’ failure

IMG_6501A little over two weeks ago I set myself a small challenge to try and limit the damage I did to my health and fitness level over the Christmas period. I created a ‘Festive Fortnight damage limitation plan’ that had one simple goal – I wanted to enjoy every minute of the festive fortnight and still wake up on January 4th weighing less than 12st 10lbs and with a body fat measurement of 14.5% or better.

Well January 4th has come and gone and unfortunately I didn’t hit either of my targets. My weight on Monday was 12st 13.6lbs and my body fat was 15.8%. Looking at those figures alone would seem to suggest that my plan was a bit of a failure. However on reflection there are a couple of positives I can take from the last fortnight.

Firstly despite not hitting my goals I did improve my strength over the festive fortnight. Although I did not eat as cleanly as I planned to, I did complete every single strength session that I planned. In fact on January 4th I set a new personal best for both bicep curls and good mornings. For me that is a big plus as it shows my plan did have a positive effect. Without it I doubt I would have been so motivated to go to the gym over the last two weeks and therefore wouldn’t have made the strength gains that I did.

The second positive I can take from the last fourteen days is that I did not do as much damage as I could have done. That statement sounds silly having admitted that I failed to achieve my goals but I LOVE FOOD! I am someone who can eat for England and have been known to devour a large bag of Haribo in a matter of minutes and then start on a large bag of M&M’s. Making the plan and sharing it on my blog meant that I felt compelled to make more healthy choices, plus I stopped myself gorging on sweets and chocolate every day. I dread to think what my weight and body fat would’ve been if I had not put a plan in place.

So if I was going to sum up the last two weeks I would describe it as a positive failure. I had a great time over Christmas and New Year and I am definitely stronger than I was. The downside is that I was also definitely a little more ‘doughy’ than I wanted to be on January 4th. However I am certain that by the end of January I will be where I want to be and have a great fitness platform to build upon throughout the rest of 2016.

Thanks for reading!



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