Double and no quits! – Part one

IMG_6591The saying goes ‘Double or quits’ but today is all about doubling up and not quitting. To make sure that I get myself in the best shape possible I’ve been very particular about scheduling in time to train and sticking to it. The life I lead is a busy one and that is just the way I like it. The job I do can be manic, in fact this week has been particularly challenging. Don’t get me wrong I love the buzz of working for a multichannel marketing agency but at times it can have an impact on how often I can train.

This week I have had three big client meetings, all of which have involved very early starts and lots of time on driving up and down motorways. I’ve been building real momentum lately and to ensure I kept it going this week I had to commit to working out twice today.

As you read this I have already completed my first session of the day. It was a 6:30am personal training session with my PT Alex. My current training programme is focussed on helping me improve my mobility and flexibility. This mornings session was a fun mixture of ball assisted Romanian deadlifts, single leg step-ups, curtsy lunges and a few other mobility exercises thrown in for good measure.

My second visit to the gym today will be after work and will focus on my core. This is the first time that I have tried to do two workouts in one day for a long time so I am hoping I have the energy to blast through it. I will be posting about how my second workout went in part two of my ‘Double and no quits!’ blog. It will be posted at 8:30 tonight and I hope you come back and find out how it went.



3 thoughts on “Double and no quits! – Part one

  1. This is awesome! People always say they don’t work out because they don’t have enough time. Working out in separate parts could definitely fix that issue 🙂
    Great post!


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