Double and no quits! – Part two


So a little later than planned I’m posting my second blog of the day. Today has been a blast and I’ve really enjoyed training twice in less than sixteen hours. I am not going to lie, the final set of TRX mountain climbers this evening was torture but they were definitely worth it.

As I said in the blog I posted earlier – ‘Double and no quits! – Part one’, today was all about doubling up and not quitting. In order to fit all of my workouts in this week I needed to fit in two sessions today, an hour of PT before work and then core training this evening. Choosing Friday as the day I doubled up might seem like a bad idea but I figured that if I could complete two sets of training today then I could do it any day!

Even though I was in a deep sleep when my alarm went off at 6am this morning I hit the gym full of enthusiasm. My hour of personal training, which focussed on improving my range of motion, flew by. The buzz of a great first session stayed with me all day and I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym for round two.

Tonight’s workout was all about my core and although I was a little jaded as I arrived at the gym I focussed on getting the job done and pushed through. I slipped on my headphones and put on some high tempo dance music to give me a burst of energy. Despite it being the end of a long week I trained hard and completed sets of planks, side planks, cable twists, kettlebell leg lowers and the aforementioned TRX mountain climbers.

As I sit here and put the finishing touches to this blog I can look back on a busy week in which I have completed every training session that I planned. Although my muscles are sore and mentally I am shattered I have a great sense of achievement.


I can’t wait to see what I can achieve next week with a little more time!



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