Strength training – time to switch it up

DSC_0061I have just finished my fourth and final chest, shoulder and triceps workout of January and I’m already looking forward to the first one of February. This is because Monday marks a new set of workouts for me and I can’t wait to get stuck into them. My training schedule includes four strength sessions a week and they are split up like this:

  • Bicep and Back
  • Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  • Legs
  • Core

Every week I make sure that I complete each session and then after four weeks I switch up at least one exercise for each muscle group. There is one simple reason why I mix up my workouts every four weeks; I get bored really easily! I enjoy going to the gym and doing strength training but if I don’t introduce a few new exercises every 28 days then I find it very difficult to stay motivated.

I have been working out religiously for the last four weeks and I am definitely stronger than I was back in December. However I am noticing that I am not as focussed as I want to be when lifting weights and that is a sure sign that I need to switch things up and refocus.

I am not going to change everything but I am going to switch at least one exercise for per muscle group. For example in my chest workout I will be swapping out incline dumbbell presses for standing cable presses. By adding at least one new exercise I will significantly change my workouts and give myself a new challenge. This in turn will help me stay focussed and looking forward to hitting the gym.

Although this blog is about changing up my weights routine to stay motivated, the same principal applies to cardio. Changing up both the type of training and the type of exercise you do can have a big effect on whether you keep at it. As part of my approach to living a healthier lifestyle I am trying out a new fitness class every month and then blogging about it. I call the series ‘First Time Fitness’ and the first class I tried was Les Mills RPM. You can read about my experience here.

Since the beginning of January I have been supplementing my strength training with Les Mill Body Balance. It is a great class for flexibility and mobility (two areas regular readers know I struggle with) and I will be blogging about it soon. So if you are starting to find your cardio training a chore why not switch it up and try a class? I did and I really enjoyed it.



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