Update – The hard work starts now – my three goals for 2016

DSC_0141Back on the 31st of December I posted a blog outlining my ambitions for the coming year. The blog was called ‘The hard work starts now – my three goals for 2016’. In the post I outlined what I wanted to achieve and why. With the first month of 2016 completed I thought now was a good time to look back at how the month went and see if I am closer to achieving my goals.

My first goal is to complete a 100-mile charity bike ride in less than 6 hours. In January I wanted to work on my mobility, strength and get some miles under my belt every week. Whilst my mobility and strength has definitely improved I have not managed to get much time on the bike as I wanted. In fact the only cycling I did was a 30-minute session on a Watt Bike last week. Improving my strength and mobility will help me maintain my form when I ride but that is no good if I don’t spend any time on the bike. Over the next month I am going to put in two sessions a week to try and make up for time I missed in January. My first session this week is later today.

My second goal is to reduce my golf handicap to 24. I have not played a round in January so I have not had chance to bring my handicap down, however I have put in some quality time at the driving range. I know that my swing consistency has definitely improved and thanks to the strength and flexibility training I’ve been doing in the gym I am hitting the ball further. In my ‘goals for 2016’ blog I said that my ‘season’ wouldn’t start until March 5th and I am sticking by that. However next Monday I am playing a round at Celtic Manor with three very good friends. This ‘friendly’ round provides a great opportunity to see how my game is shaping up and from there I can plan my practice for the remainder of February.

My third goal is to maintain a healthy body composition. Although I have really struggled with the nutrition side of things over the last month both my weight and body fat are down and my body water is up. Although this represents good news, this is the goal that I have made the least progress with. I have made some headway but there is a scope for improvement. The key to improving is being proactive with my meal planning and I recently shared a blog outlining how I was going to do that in February. ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet’ highlights the importance preparation, moderation and a little variety. If I stick to my plan in February then my update in March should be very positive.

Looking back at January it would be very easy to be too self critical (something I am known to do) but I am going to give the first month of 2016 a 3 out of 5 rating. I have definitely made progress with mobility, strength and body composition. I have also put in some quality time at the driving range working on my swing. Yes I could have had a better month but I have taken the foundations I laid at the end of 2015 and built upon them. Looking forward, February represents the chance to build an even stronger platform for success.



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