Inspirational Individuals – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Last month I posted a piece about individuals who inspire me. The point of the article was to introduce a new series for every_third_day – Inspirational Individuals.

As I progress along my fitness journey I want to share how people have inspired and motivated me. The first person in the series has been inspiring me for almost twenty years. His career has spanned American Football, professional wrestling and Hollywood. He is the known by many as The Great One, he is of course Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

I first encountered The Rock watching WWE back in the late nineties. His athleticism and charisma caught my attention, and although I rooted for his rival Triple H (he will feature in this series later on) I had huge admiration and respect for the Bramha Bull. As his career has progressed and he has moved from wrestling to acting to basically being the busiest man in Hollywood I have watched on and been inspired in many ways. Below are just three of the ways the most electrifying man inspires me…

Whatever you do, have fun doing it

For all his physical attributes, it is his sense of fun that has endeared him to millions of fans across the world. Whether it is cutting a promo in the squared circle, sharing behind the scenes clips from his latest movie or just working out with his dog Hobbs, The Rock always looks like he is having fun. I believe that one of the reasons why he has been so successful, he loves his job and has great fun doing it. It is no real surprise that the things you excel at are generally the things you enjoy the most. Over the last few months I have realised what brings me the most pleasure and unsurprisingly those are the things that I have been been successful with. For me it doesn’t matter what sacrifices I have to make, doing the things I love makes my life much more enjoyable.

Images – and The Rock’s instagram account

Be the hardest worker in the room

It is a phrase that The Rock has come to define for millions of people. His instagram feed is full of examples of him working his ass off to better himself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 18.51.48

What I find amazing is that The Rock doesn’t just inspire people like me he also motivates his peers. Last year I read an interview with Paul Levesque aka Triple H, one of the most successful professional wrestlers of all time, and he said the following about The Rock.

The Rock and I have always had a rivalry. And even though he’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world now, to this day, I’ll still look at his Twitter account and it says something like “4:30 a.m. in Bolivia filming a movie, about to hit cardio.” So when I have to motivate myself, I’ll think about that and say, “Fuckin’ Rock. If he can do it I can do it.” He motivates me. He’s not afraid of a hard day’s work. Triple H – Muscle and Fitness Magazine

It is a testament to Dwayne Johnson’s work ethic that he motivates one of the most successful, driven and determined wrestlers of all time to keep working that bit harder. It is a lesson we can all learn from him, try and be the hardest worker in the room. If you strive for that you will achieve more than you think you can. Plus you might just inspire those around you to push harder.

Use past failures as fuel

Most people know The Rock as a professional wrestler turned Hollywood superstar, what they might not know is that his life could have been very different. As a teenager growing up in Hawaii he was arrested multiple times and at the age of 14 he was evicted from the home he shared with his mother. The Rock has never shied away from his past in fact he openly admits that it is a big driver for him becoming a success.

antrenamentul lui the rock dwayne jhonson

“I always want to remind people of my past, because it is directly responsible for who I am today. It’s undeniable that I’m a product of those tough times.” The Rock – Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Looking at the way he used the hard times in his life as motivation to succeed has made me relook at the times I have failed. Now my failures are no longer reasons to be afraid of taking risks but rather a source of fuel to achieve things I thought were beyond me.

So next time you are looking for a little motivation to hit the gym I really recommend checking out The Rock’s instagram feed. If that doesn’t inspire you to go workout, I am not sure that anything will.


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