February progress report

DSC_0091Firstly I would like to apologise to all my subscribers, sticking to my every_third_day principles I should’ve posted a blog yesterday. However I agreed with Mrs every_third_day that as yesterday was Valentine’s Day the day should be all about us, no work and no blogging! So I am sharing this post a day later than scheduled but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Posting this blog one day later than I should’ve done actually works out quite well as today marks the halfway point of February. So it’s a great time to reflect how things are going and look ahead to what’s I’ve still go to do this month. In terms of my three goals for 2016, I have definitely made some good progress so far in February.

Goal one – Complete a 100-mile charity bike ride in less than 6 hours

Two weeks into February and I know that I am definitely stronger and more flexible than in January, plus my aerobic fitness has improved. The yoga and Les Mills BODYBALANCE classes I have been attending have really helped improve my flexibility; I can finally touch my toes! The work I have been doing in the gym on my own and with my Personal Trainer Alex has improved my strength and mobility. Plus I have been doing more and more cardio work on the Watt Bike. All of this training has been geared to getting me in the best possible shape for my 6-hour ride in July and it is working. The next two weeks is going to involve more of the same and if everything goes to plan I will finish the month in great shape.

Goal two – Reduce my golf handicap to 24

If you read my recent post ‘Me and my golf bag: Celtic Manor February 8th 2016’ you will know that I survived the worst the Welsh weather could throw at me last Monday and completed 18 holes on the amazing 2010 course at Celtic Manor. I wanted to use the round to see how my game was shaping up and I was pleased to see that it is in a good place ahead of my ‘season’. There is still a lot to work on but the signs are very positive. I have two more range sessions before my first proper round of 2016 and I am looking forward to posting a good score on March 5th.

Goal three – Maintain a healthy body composition

I posted an article at the end of January called ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet!’, which outlined how I was going to stop myself repeating the unhealthy mistakes that I made in January. The results so far have been great and despite having a hectic 5 days last week I managed to reduce my body fat to the lowest it has been in 2016 and keep it there for three days in a row. Unfortunately my cheat meal bumped it up again but it is nothing that eating clean and training hard this week won’t fix. In fact I am pretty confident of breaking the 14% body fat barrier this month and starting March with my lowest body fat percentage since I began this fitness journey.

So in summary February is going pretty well and the next 15 days represent a great opportunity to take a big stride forward with all three of my goals.

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