Five reasons to try training with a personal trainer

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DSC_0306If you are new to every_third_day then I would like to start this post by explaining that I am not a personal trainer, I am an Account Director at a multichannel marketing agency. This blog is not about trying to persuade people to hire me as a personal trainer, it’s about why I gave personal training a go and the five reasons I think more people should try it.

I have always been a little sceptical about personal training but back in December I decided I needed some professional help. I approached Alex, a qualified personal trainer and a member of the fitness team at my local David Lloyd gym. I was looking for advice on how to improve my leg strength and endurance ahead of my 100-mile charity bike ride in July. During my assessment session we hit it off and he has been training me ever since. Two months working with Alex has changed my outlook so today I am sharing five reasons why I think you should try training with a personal trainer.

Reason one – A personal trainer will give you a personalised plan

Two people might have exactly the same goal but need completely different plans to get there. A great personal trainer will talk to you about your goals, your lifestyle, assess your current situation and put together a plan designed exclusively for you. Until I sat down with Alex I was making up my workouts from what I read in books, magazines and online. Unsurprisingly some of what I was doing was actually hampering my progress. Talking through my training plan with Alex enabled him to tailor it to help me reach my goals quicker. He even introduced some new exercises to freshen things up and challenge me. A training plan should be designed to help you achieve your aims, having one personalised by an expert will get you there faster.

Reason two – A personal trainer will identify any weaknesses you have

My first session with Alex was spent discussing my goals and reviewing things like my range of motion and balance. It was during the assessment that he identified that I had poor mobility and the impact that would have on me reaching my goals. I had always known that I was pretty inflexible but assumed I was just born that way. What I didn’t know was that I had been training for years with poor mobility and this had been hampering my development. Once Alex has identified this weakness he was able to build a plan for me that would improve my mobility and strength. He also advised me to try yoga and/or Pilates to accelerate the improvement in my mobility. Eight weeks on and I am now more flexible than at any point in the last 10 years. My posture is so much better and lots of little nagging injuries have cleared up.


Reason three – A personal trainer will motivate you

If you are lacking motivation or struggling to break through a plateau then trying personal training could be the answer. It is really important to find the right personal trainer if the relationship is going to work, they need to compliment your workout style. A great personal trainer will understand your training mentality and know when to push you and when to ease off. However it won’t just be when you are training that a great PT will motivate you. Alex has sent me links to health and fitness blogs to read, given me recipe tips and congratulated me via social media. All of these things have helped inspire me to keep working towards for my goals.

Reason four – A personal trainer will help you with more than just your training

As I said in my blog ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet’ it doesn’t matter what training you are doing or what your goals are, your approach to nutrition is going to play a huge role in the end result. This is an area where a great personal trainer can really support you. Discussing your nutrition with you is just the start, a good PT will identify areas for improvement and make sure you are eating the right foods to support your training. The correct combination of a personalised plan and great nutritional advice means that all that is left is for you to put the work in.


Reason five – A personal trainer will make sure your technique is spot on

Prior to trying personal training I thought I had a sound technique for most weight lifting exercises, I was wrong! Over the last couple of months I have had to relearn how to perform a lot of exercises to make sure that I am targeting the correct muscles. Your body will naturally find a way to ‘cheat’ when lifting a weight and if you don’t use the correct technique then you won’t be working the muscles you should be. This is where using a personal trainer can have a huge impact on your training. They will be able to assess your technique, identify any flaws and help you correct them. Once you start using the proper technique you will achieve your goals faster and reduce the risk of picking up an injury.

So those are my five great reasons to try training with a personal trainer. If you have never done it before I urge you to try it, I am living proof that a little expert guidance can have a big impact on your fitness.



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