How making the right choices is helping me develop a new attitude

everythirdday watt bike

At 5:57 yesterday morning my personal trainer sent me a text cancelling our training session. I had just got out of bed and the message presented me with two options; go back to bed or hit the gym and do a workout on my own. Pre every_third_day I would’ve reset my alarm and got back into bed. However the new attitude I’m developing meant that I got dressed, de-iced my car and went to the gym. I’m proud to say that I completed a 30-minute ride on a Watt Bike and burnt over 400 calories by doing so. Had I gone back to bed I would’ve burned less than a quarter of that. By the time I got into work I was in a great mood and ready to make the most of the day.

Now this post is not about self-congratulation but rather recognising that I am making better decisions more consistently. I follow the fantastic blogger by the name Zanna Van Dijk and she recently posted a blog entitled ‘Reality Check: 5 Things You Should Know About Me’. In the article she talks about not having an eternal fountain of motivation inside of her. She’s an inspiration for me and millions of other people. Her admission of she sometimes struggling to get motivated will have reassured her readers that it is ok to find yourself battling to make the right choice.

Images – Zanna’s Twitter feed

In my opinion it is important to maintain a sense of perspective and try to make the right choice more regularly than you make the wrong one. Yesterday was a prime example of me making the right decision and enjoying the benefits of doing so. I know I won’t make the right choice all of the time but I would say that I’m now choosing the correct option more often than not. My blog has played a big part in the development of my new attitude but it is the results I’m seeing that have had the biggest influence.

Since I began my fitness journey back at the start of October I have lost weight and body fat, become more flexible and stronger plus my golf swing is much improved. However the most important improvements have been with my physical and mental health. Both are in a much better place than they were and that is due to the positivity that comes from making the right decision more frequently. The definition of positive reinforcement is ‘the offering of desirable effects or consequences for a behaviour with the intention of increasing the chance of that behaviour being repeated in the future’. The consequence of me making better choices is a healthier me and seeing the improvement means that I’m making the right decision more often.

Choosing the right option more frequently than the wrong one requires determination and sacrifice but I can promise you that it is worth it. Obviously if you can make the right decision 90% of the time then you will reach your goals quicker than if you do it 60% of the time. However the key is to start choosing the right option more than you choose the wrong one. The changes I have seen over the last few months is proof that the rewards you get are worth the effort you need to put in.

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