Me and my golf bag: 3 goals for the season

IMG_7132At 11:40 on Saturday morning I will be hitting the first tee shot of my golf ‘season’ and I can’t wait. I have been playing golf for a few years but never really made a great deal of progress with my game. Well in the spirit of #bebetterthanyesterday 2016 is the year that I take my golf to the next level. Since the start of the year I’ve been going to the driving range weekly and I am hopeful that the practice I’ve been putting in will pay off when I play my first proper round this weekend.

In order to measure my progress across the year I am borrowing an idea from one of my golfing role models – Rory McIlroy. He has a yearly tradition, which I think is a great idea. When he flies out to Dubai to practice ahead of the HSBC Golf Championships he writes his season goals down on the back of his boarding pass. He then memorises his goals before putting it in his wallet for safekeeping. At the end of the season he looks at the boarding pass and sees how many he has achieved.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 16.05.10.pngImage – Nike Golf instagram account


Unfortunately I’m not about to fly to Dubai and I don’t have a spare boarding pass so I have decided to write mine down on a Post-It note. I also thought I would share them on every_third_day, so here they are:

Goal one – Reduce my handicap to 24

I have never held a proper handicap, mainly because I have never been a member of a golf club, however when asked I say that I play off 28. This year I am determined to get a proper handicap and by the end of October I want to saying 24 or better. I will be playing a minimum of 30 rounds during my ‘season’ and I will be tracking my handicap via If I make the put in the practice and make the improvements I want to then my handicap will improve.

Goal two– Average 40% of fairways hit for my final 10 rounds of 2016

My biggest problem last year was not hitting enough fairways. Too often I was playing my second shot from the rough and that led to a lot of poor second shots. I will be tracking my driving accuracy every round and then uploading it to If I can improve my driving accuracy I will playing more of my approach shots from the fairway and than will definitely help me lower my handicap.IMG_3298

Goal three – Shoot less than 100 on the Twenty-Ten course at Celtic Manor

I have played the Twenty-Ten course three times now and never broken 100. I know I am capable of playing to my handicap or better on the course so there is no reason why I can’t achieve this. When I played the course at the start of February I shot 106 is 35mph winds, so I know I can go lower than triple figures. I will be playing the course in the summer and I am determined to be celebrating achieving goal two with a cold beer in the magnificent clubhouse.

So those are my golfing goals for 2016, they aren’t written on the back of a boarding card like Rory but I know what I want to achieve and 11:40 Saturday morning can’t come quick enough.



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