Little wins need celebrating!

1$_V?_Job NameEarlier this week I was talking to a friend who has been working really hard on trying to live a healthier life. She has been working with a PT, training hard and trying to eat as healthily as possible. However like all of us from time to time she has struggled to stay motivated. As we talked she said the previous week had been a bad one. Her exact words were…

“I only managed to train once last week and the diet went well and truly out the window!”

I asked if she had made progress since the start of the year and she admitted that she’d seen a positive change in her body. In fact the change has been so positive that she has had to buy some new clothes.

Following the conversation I started to think about the small achievements that many people overlook as they chase their big goal. Little wins like abs starting to show, not eating unhealthy food for a whole week or setting a new personal best. In my experience achieving your ultimate goal can take weeks, months or even years and because of ‘big goal blindness’ too many people miss the opportunity to celebrate the little wins along the way. For that reason I have created a little step-by-step guide to celebrating little wins.

Without really thinking about it I used my own guide last week and achieved a great little win. At the start of the week I set myself the goal of eating clean for five days in a row. I decided that if I achieved this I would buy myself Spectre on Blue-ray. Over the course of the week, every time I looked at the biscuit tin or was offered something unhealthy I turned it down, wanting to earn my reward. By Saturday morning I had lost weight and body fat but more importantly I felt great from eating clean and achieving my goal. I still haven’t picked up my copy of Spectre yet but when I do get the chance to sit down and watch it I will enjoy it that little bit more knowing I earned it!

So here is the every_third_day guide to celebrating your little wins:

Step one – Set yourself a short term goal e.g. Eat clean for 10 days in a row

Step two – Decide upon a reward worth up to £20, a new gym top for example. Whatever it is make it something you really want.

Step three – Tell friends and family what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to reward yourself. Doing this means that they can help keep you motivated.


Step five – Celebrate achieving your goal with the reward.

And if you need any reward inspiration here are three things that I will be looking to ‘win’ over the coming months…

So there you have it, the every_third_day guide to celebrating little wins and helping you stay on track as you chase down your big goals.


Main image source –
Reward image sources – and American Golf

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