A small bump in the road, not the end of it.


The last ten days have been a bit of a struggle but today marks a return to my usual self and I am glad to be back. Last Saturday I started to feel unwell but ignored the warning signs. I just dismissed it as tiredness from the double training session I had done the day before. Unfortunately it wasn’t tiredness and I should’ve heeded the warning as I ended up spending most of last week feeling dreadful.

After missing my training session on Sunday because I spent all day on the sofa, I also missed my weights session and yoga class on Monday. On Tuesday I decided to make up for missing two training sessions by squeezing a core session into a very busy day. All this did was make me feel worse and slowed down my return to health.

Luckily I learnt my lesson the second time around and I gave myself a complete break on Wednesday and Thursday. I then gently eased myself back into training and I now feel much better. Last week’s experience is the reason for this blog. Sometimes you hit a bump in the road but that is natural, the key thing is to recognise it for what it is and act accordingly.

It is all to easy when working towards your goals to ignore what your body is trying to tell you and end up over working yourself. At that point you end up being forced to take some time off and then it can be easy to lose motivation. You start making bad choices – I ate way too many sugary snacks last week – and then you stop making progress. You can even start to lose focus on why you started your journey and things snowball. Well I am here to tell you that it is perfectly normal, the key thing to stopping the snowball effect is to accept you have hit a bump in the road and do something about it.

Looking back at last week I should’ve taken more time off and not rushed back to the gym. I also shouldn’t have been so stubborn and listened to my wife when she suggested cancelling dinner plans on Saturday night so I could rest. These little decisions compounded to slow my progress but at the time I couldn’t see that happening.

So now that I am better what am I going to now to get myself back on track? Well I have 15 weeks until my 100-mile bike ride and that is a big chunk of time to plan for, so I am just going to focus on the next 21 days. Over the next three weeks I am going to eat healthily every day, complete every single training session I have planned, take one full rest day each week and enjoy one cheat meal a week. Concentrating all my efforts on the next three weeks means I will get myself back to where I was before I hit a bump in the road.



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