Time to build some momentum

DSC_0184I don’t know about you but since the clocks went forward on Sunday I have noticed that the evenings are so much lighter. When I got back from London yesterday the sun was shining and it felt like it should’ve been the middle of the afternoon not late evening. I always find this time of year fills me with positivity, probably because winter is over and summer is just around the corner. Looking ahead to the summer I have two big challenges on the horizon. The first is completing a 100-mile bike ride in less 6 hours and the other is reducing my golf handicap to 24.

With summer approaching fast, the bike ride is now less than 100 days away, I’m looking at April as the month I really build some momentum. I am going away on holiday on the 1st May so the next 32 days (I am including the last two days of March) present the perfect opportunity to really up my game. There are three things that will determine how much momentum I build and these are the quality and quantity of training I do, how well I eat and how much fun I have.

The quality and quantity of training I do over the next thirty two days will be crucial to building momentum. My personal trainer Alex has given me a new weights programme, which I am very excited about, to help improve my strength and mobility. I also have eight big training rides over the next four weeks, aimed at improving my endurance. On the golf side of things I have two rounds, 5 range sessions and a lesson all pencilled in. All of this combined should help me take both my fitness and my golf game to a new level before I go away on holiday.

The second element to making progress will be my nutrition. Honing my diet is going to vital if I am going to complete my training schedule successfully and also have the energy to deliver at work without knackering myself out. It has been an area that I have really struggled with over the last few weeks but with more preparation eating right shouldn’t be a problem. The key to success is going to be making time to both plan and prepare my meals so there is no reason to reach for the biscuits.

The final piece of the puzzle and probably the most important will be having fun. Double training sessions sandwiching long days at work are going to be tough but if I can have fun along the way they will not be impossible. To make sure my training and diet don’t become boring I’ll be trying a few tactics to mix things up. I will be creating fresh playlists every week, trying out new recipes and I might even invest in some new gym gear. Hopefully this will help see me through the inevitable ‘I want to quit’ moments.

The next 32 days represent the perfect opportunity to build real momentum and take my fitness journey to the next level. Writing this post has really motivated me and I can’t wait to hit the gym tonight.




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