The chase isn’t always perfect

On Tuesday night I was feeling pretty despondent, it was the result of a multitude of things frustrating me and not being able to see a way forward. I had temporarily lost my way and felt like my life was in reverse and I couldn’t stop it. As I sat on the sofa flicking through my Instagram feed I saw this image and with the comment below ‘The Chase isn’t always perfect. But that’s not the point. #EnjoyTheChase’.

Nike Golf ball - The chase isn't always perfectIt was a tiny moment in my day but it had a huge impact on my mood. Instantly I felt more positive and the fog started to clear. The words ‘The chase isn’t always perfect’ struck a chord with me and I suddenly realised that I had been expecting perfection daily and becoming frustrated when I didn’t achieve it.

I don’t really want to dwell on the other frustrations that led to me to a place where I couldn’t see a way forward, there is nothing to be gained from that. However I do want to acknowledge the importance of recognising that trying to be perfect every single day is only going to lead to disappointment. For the last few weeks I’ve been putting in the work and not getting the rewards I wanted. Instead of being patient and believing in the process I’ve been picking holes in my efforts and this has been counterproductive. What I really needed was someone to slap me and say ‘don’t give up, keep working and trust the process because sooner or later you will achieve success’.

Luckily the Nike Golf image gave me the metaphorical slap I needed and the fog is starting to disappear. The thing I need to keep telling myself is that I am on a fitness journey that has no end. It is not like I am going to get to my ideal body composition and then just give up and eat pies. My fitness journey is one of continuous exploration and once I have achieved my current goals, I will set new ones. Over the last two days I have started to see a way forward and that has helped lighten my mood. I am not back to my best but I now know the plan for the next few months and I am already excited about the possibilities.

There is one final thing I want to share in this post. As I sat down to being writing the memory of Henry Cavill reading the speech ‘Man in the arena’ by President Theodore Roosevelt popped into my head. It was put together by ITV for the England vs Ireland Six Nations game earlier this year. If you are in need of inspiration as you progress along your own fitness journey then I urge you to watch it.

The line that resonates with me most is this one ‘credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood’. Everyone who is trying to make a positive change to their life should be encouraged and praised, they are doing the right thing. So next time you stumble remember that by simply trying to make a positive change you are actually better person for it.



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