99 problems but a smile ain’t one

IMG_4918Summer is fast approaching and I have a lot of reasons to be happy, however if you read my blog ‘The chase isn’t always perfect’ you will know that I’ve been struggling with a few frustrations recently. In my experience when things aren’t going your way it is very easy to get into a negative mind set and let the negativity colour everything else. So with this in mind I have decided that I am going to try a little experiment. There are two mantras that I really believe can be applied to everyone, these are:

  1. Every person has the opportunity to change their life for the better, they just need to have the will to do so.
  2. A number of small changes can add up to create one big change.

My plan is to take these two mantras and apply them to my life for the next 99 days. I am going to see if I can overcome everyday frustrations and annoyances by finding a reason to smile every single day. I believe that if I can do this then by the end of the 99 days, all those little reasons to smile will have made me a more positive and happier person.

Why 99 days I hear you ask, well I was listening Jay Z when the idea for this blog came to me and so it seemed like a good idea to base it upon on of his most famous tracks – 99 problems. I am a huge Jay Z fan and his music always brings a smile to my face. Listening to Empire State of Mind never fails to stir memories of when my wife took me to New York for my 30th birthday.

So now you know why 99 days, its time for my experiment to begin! My reason to smile today was going to be playing golf with my best friend Jez Hall, however we both had rounds to forget so instead I’m going to go for another sporting reason to smile…Manchester United scoring a late winner to reach the FA Cup final. I am a massive Manchester United fan and I leapt off the sofa when Martial scored.


As I’ve been adding the finishing touches to this blog I have a stupid grin on my face as that goal has turned around my day which had until that point been pretty disappointing. I am going to be sharing my reason to smile every day on both Twitter and Instagram so please check out my profiles to see how I get along.

As always thank you for reading my blog and I hope you have a reason to smile today!


Martial image – Daily Mail

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