Me and my golf bag: Henley Golf Club – April 23rd 2016

IMG_7626My latest round of golf perfectly encapsulates how the game can kick you in the teeth. After three holes I was one shot under my handicap and looking to record another sub par round, two holes later my round had been destroyed. If you have read any of my previous ‘Me and my golf bag’ posts you will know that I look to identify three positives and one area to work on after each round. However after analysing my round and trying to find some positives I have only been able to identify one.

My one positive – I didn’t give up

As bad as holes four to nine were I didn’t give up and played the back nine pretty well. It would have been very easy to give up and not try during the second half of my round but I kept grinding and fighting to claw some shots back. I didn’t manage to do that but I did play some good golf. My fighting spirit meant that I was able to walk off the course with my pride in tact, even if my scorecard wasn’t.

My one area to work on – Mindless golf

Looking back I know exactly where my round went wrong and as I sit here writing this blog I’m still angry with myself for such a mindless error. It was the third hole, a short par 3, and my tee shot was just lazy. It was a mindless error and even though I escaped with a par it set the tone for a terrible run of poor golf. I can’t explain why I lacked concentration but I do know that next time I step on to the course I will not be making the same mistake.

Where my drive ended up on the 18th, just one of those days!

Regular readers of ‘Me and my golf bag’ are probably expecting me to review Henley Golf and Country Club at this point. However due to the little grey cloud that followed me off the eighteenth green and around most of Saturday evening I don’t think it is fair to the club to share a review. My experience was tainted by my poor golf and it is not fair on the club to review it on that basis.

Sitting here re-reading this post I realise that there isn’t a lot of positivity in this post and as I am currently trying to be a more positive person, see my blog 99 problems but a smile ain’t one, I think I should end this post with something upbeat. I saw this quote on Instagram and thought it was perfect…

“Success in golf depends less on strength of body, more on strength of mind and character” – Arnold Palmer

I’m playing golf again next week and I can guarantee that as I step on to the first tee I will be determined to prove my previous round was nothing more than a blip.



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