Get up and go – why I enjoy early morning gym sessions

DSC_0514A day later than planned I am sharing my second post holiday blog. In my first one I reviewed my progress with my goals for 2016 and what I hoped the next chapter was going to entail for Every_Third_Day. Well the first three pages of the next chapter have all involved early morning gym sessions, hence the title ‘Get up and go – why I enjoy early morning gym sessions’.

Prior to going on holiday I was really struggling to find the energy and motivation to train after work. I love my job but the unpredictable nature of it means that it can be difficult to stick to a training plan. While I was on holiday I thought about the best way to structure my training to minimise the potential for work disrupting my training and it struck me that early morning sessions were the answer.

I am naturally a morning person, once I’m awake I find it very difficult to go back to sleep. Training in the morning is something that I have done sporadically over the years and I actually really enjoy it. The gym is usually less crowded and you can get through your workout quicker. While lying by the pool in Dubai contemplating early morning sessions I identified two key benefits.

Firstly if I trained at 6:30am then it would be pretty much impossible for an unexpected work problem to get in the way. As I said earlier I love my job and one of the reasons for that is that it is not nine to five. Another big reason why I love what I do is the unpredictable nature of it, each day brings a fresh challenge. When these two factors combine (and they do regularly) they can derail my plans, meaning I end up training very late or not at all. By training before work I would eliminate the possibility of this happening.

Secondly by training in the morning I would not give myself the chance to scupper my plans by eating unhealthily prior to my training. In the weeks leading up to my holiday I would have a really healthy morning but undo my good work late in the afternoon. Biscuit and sweet binges were not uncommon and unsurprisingly I would suffer a sugar crash just before I was just about to the go the gym. Eating crap before a morning training session would be impossible as I would be asleep so I could guarantee that I’d hit the gym rested and raring to go.

I put this ‘early morning’ plan into action this week and having trained three mornings in a row (today is my rest day) I have actually discovered another benefit, I have lots more energy at work. I am not sure why this has happened, I am sure some sport scientists have a theory, but it is a great bonus. For the last three days it has felt like going to the gym before work has fired up my mind and body, getting them ready for whatever the working day brings.

I know that training in the morning is not for everyone, however if you are finding it a struggle to make time to train then give it a go. A little less time in bed might just make you healthier and more productive. And if you fancy training tomorrow you will find me working out at 6:30am!

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