Me and my golf bag: My summer clothing wish list

Having played golf earlier and then watched Rory McIlroy win the Irish Open I had to share this blog as I am in a proper golfing mood this evening. Below are the five items I really want to add to my golfing wardrobe over the next few months.

Adidas Golf ClimaCool competition vest

The wonderfully unpredictable nature of the British weather means that layers are a pre-requisite when planning what to wear for a round of golf. This Adidas ClimaCool vest is perfect for those cool summer evenings when a jumper is too much but you want to keep your body warm. It is available five different colours but my favourite is definitely the grey with the blue trim.

Oakley Golf Myers polo shirt

I am not a huge fan of Oakley Golf clothing but saw this polo shirt on and instantly added it to my summer clothing wish list. I love the design and the striking blue used for the collar, shirt cuffs and detailing on the chest really stands out.

Nike Lunar Force 1G golf shoes

When I saw Nike Golf post a picture of these new Lunar Force 1G golf shoes on Twitter I knew they would be going on my golf summer clothing wish list. The design is so clean and classic that they would go with pretty much any golf outfit. If they are as comfortable as the Nike Lunar Control 3 golf shoes my wife bought me for Christmas then walking 18 holes will be a breeze!

Footjoy Performance Bedford golf shorts

I had never worn shorts on the golf course until I played in a couple of rounds over in Orlando last September. The weather was so hot that I couldn’t play in trousers and I changed my mind about playing in shorts. I spotted these whilst looking at Footjoys new clothing range and instantly liked them. It is the use of a different colour to highlight the coin pocket and Footjoy logo that I really like. I don’t have any navy shorts so will hopefully be adding these to my golf wardrobe soon.

Nike Golf Dri-Fit Knit Zip pullover

Ever since I saw Paul Casey wearing this top earlier in the year it has been on my summer clothing wish list. Anyone who knows me knows I love the Nike brand and I think that they have got it spot on with this top. It looks athletic and the use of different shades of grey (not 50) works really well. If my budget can stretch to it I will also order the top in blue, after all you can’t have too many golf tops can you!

Those are the five items I really want to add to my golfing wardrobe this summer. To be completely honest the list could’ve had twenty items on it but that would’ve made this blog way too long and pretty boring to read! Before I go I just want to say that this blog has not be sponsored or paid for by any of the brands mention. The truth is that I am nowhere important enough for brands to send me free stuff, let alone pay me!

As always thank you for reading.


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