Obese, me???

My gym recently added a Boditrax machine to allow members to measure and track a variety of metrics relating to their body composition. I find this kind of analysis really interesting, especially as the data can be used to improve my health and physical performance. So I decided to try it for the first time on Monday morning and got the shock of my life. One of the sections that the machine reports on is called ‘Physique’ and it told me that my body composition was obese. Below is a screenshot of my Monday breakdown.

Obese me 1As you can see I am clearly in the ‘Obese’ circle and seeing that really shook me up. I knew I needed to lose a little body fat but I thought I was pretty healthy and certainly not obese. However on Monday morning the Boditrax machine told me otherwise.

Once I had recovered form the shock I spent most of Monday convinced that the machine had got it wrong. So before I started training yesterday morning I decided to give it another go. Well it wasn’t the machine that was wrong; once again my rating was ‘Obese’. I was now officially concerned, surely my body wasn’t in that bad a state????

Obese me 2

I promised that this blog would always be 100% so I need to confess something. On Monday and Tuesday I put in the wrong height, I told the machine I was 5’ 11 not 6’ 1. I put the error down to still being half asleep. Anyway the wrong height was clearly going to affect the analysis so this morning I decided to try again, putting in the correct height. I was convinced that this minor adjustment (all of 5cm) would move me from the ‘Obese’ circle to the more friendly ‘Standard’. Well unfortunately that didn’t happen, instead I ended up smack bang in the middle of four circles, three of which were not friendly.

Obese me 3Now I am old enough to not make rash decisions, I am not about to go on a crash diet, but I clearly need to take a closer look at my health and what I am putting into my body. The first thing I need to do is look at reducing my body fat. To be so close to the ‘Obese’ circles means that my body fat is considered high. I can change that by eating cleaner and doing more cardio. The first one is always a challenge, but the second one won’t be a problem. The other thing I can do is carry on with my early morning weight training sessions. If I can increase my lean muscle mass then that will boost my metabolism and help me burn more calories on a daily basis.

These small changes should combine to torch my body fat in no time at all. To see how I progress I’m going to measure myself every single day for the next four weeks and see what progress I can make in that time. Hopefully over the 28 days I can move the green dot into the ‘Standard’ circle at the very least!

Thanks for reading


If you are interested below are the descriptions for each circle I mention above:
  • Obese – This person has a high body fat percentage, with a moderate muscle level.
  • Hidden obese – This person seems to have a healthy body type based on physical appearance; however, they have a high body fat % with lo muscle mass level.
  • Under exercised – This person has an average body fat % and a less than average muscle mass level.
  • Standard – This person has average levels of both body fat and muscle mass.

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