Lots of hard work ahead!

DSC_0094I look terrible – that is what was running through my mind this morning when I looked in the mirror. I felt lethargic and devoid of enthusiasm and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. My fitness has been regressing for a while now and I haven’t been able to halt the downward spiral. I have wanted to get back to where I was earlier this year, when my fitness was improving daily but I haven’t been able to build any momentum. However despite feeling despondent as I look in the mirror a little hope sparked inside and instead of climbing back under the duvet I went downstairs, made a coffee and started planning how I was going to turn things around.

After an hour or so I had the first phase of my plan and felt like I had started to take back control. My plan is simple but requires lots of hard work over the next 27 days. My wife is a bridesmaid for one of our close friends on the 3rd of September and by then I want to have halted this regression and built a little momentum. If you have read some of my previous blogs you will know that I like to work towards goals so I have set myself two for the 3rd September:

  1. Get my weight back down to 12st 7lbs – to do this I will need to lose 8lbs
  2. Reduce my body fat to 14.5% – this will be a reduction of 2% of where I was this morning

Neither of these goals is unachievable and completing them would represent the halting of the spiral and the laying of a foundation to build upon. I have taken ‘before’ photos this morning and I will be sharing those along with the ‘after’ photos in my blog on the 6th September. Between now and then I am going to be training hard and eating healthily to make sure I am proud of my ‘after’ photo. It is not going to be easy but nothing in life worth having ever is!

Thank you for reading this blog post and I promise I am going to blog every third day for the rest of the year!



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