Week one of my 40 day challenge

Ten days ago I posted a blog entitled ‘My 40 day challenge begins’ and today I am looking back at the first week. The goal of my ‘40 day challenge’ is to reduce my body fat by 3%, which works out at 0.5% a week. The way I am going to achieve this is by sticking to six simple rules:

  1. Train hard
  2. Eat clean
  3. One cheat meal a week
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Focus on the process
  6. Have fun

With week one in the bag it is time to look at the results…


Close but no cigar is how I would sum up my first week. I missed my goal by 0.1%, which is really annoying. On the plus side I did reduce my body fat by 0.4% and my weight also came down. I am using the Boditrax machine at the gym to track my progress and below are screenshots of my body fat and weight results:


Obviously missing out on my goal means that I need to drop 0.6% this week to get back on track but that is very achievable. I generally stuck to my six rules last week and it worked so hopefully by sticking to my six rules for the next four days I will be in good shape come my Monday morning check in.

The good and the bad

As I go through this challenge I am going to identify one positive and one thing I could have done better from the week before. Below are last weeks:

Good – Last week I completed five strength sessions, smashed a Les Mills RPM session, destroyed an amazing cheat meal and I had a lot of fun! I even managed to get in a round of golf on Sunday afternoon.

Could do better – I did not drink anywhere enough water last week. I am usually really good at drinking 3 litres of water a day but on Friday and Sunday I didn’t manage that combined. I am not sure if that affected my results but it is something I am really concentrating on this week.

Even though I didn’t hit my goal on Monday I still feel I had a very good week. It is obviously early days and my check in on Monday is going to be massive, but I am confident of catching up that 0.1%!

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