Week two of my 40 day challenge

dsc_0050Yesterday morning I stepped on to the Boditrax machine at the gym with a little trepidation. Although I completed all of my strength sessions last week I missed both my RPM and BodyBalance classes and my nutrition was less than perfect. If I am going to be completely honest, it was a lot less than perfect. I had three cheat meals and spent most of Friday afternoon scoffing sweets. With this fresh in my mind I stepped on the scales fearing the worst. However I was pleasantly surprised by my results and proceeded to have a great strength session with my Personal Trainer.

Progress is progress

If you read my first 40 day challenge blog you will know that I am aiming to lose 3% body fat in 40 days, which works out at 0.5% a week. In week one I only managed 0.4% and I was aiming to make up the lost ground by losing 0.6% this week. Unfortunately I only lost 0.4%, but as a friend of mine said, progress is progress and they are absolutely right. I have now lost 0.8% in 2 weeks, which is good progress.

Body fat percentage
Body weight

The good and the bad

As part of each of my weekly reviews I am going to identify both the good and the band

Good – There are two big positives I can take from the last week. Firstly I reduced my body fat by 0.4% for the second week in a row. The fact that I achieved that despite having three cheat meals means my training is really paying off. The second positive was completing all of my strength sessions. My early morning gym sessions have become an integral part of my daily routine and I now have no problem waking up at 6am to hit the gym.

Could do better – THREE CHEAT MEALS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Nutrition has always and will always be my achilles heel but there was no excuse for the pizza I guzzled on Monday night or the sweets I devoured on Friday afternoon. I need to be much stronger around the office and not give into temptation.

15 days in…

With over a third of the challenge done I am pretty happy with how I am doing. If I can continue to train hard and tighten up my nutrition then I am sure I will complete my challenge in a lot better shape than when I began it.

Thank you for reading



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