Week three – One bad day…

determination word in metal type

So this morning I had my weekly check in and the results were not good. I knew before I went to bed last night that my chances of making progress this week were slim and so it turned out. Although I knew I was unlikely to make progress it was still disappointing to review my stats and not see any positives. In terms of my key measurements my body fat remained at 19.8% and although I did manage to lose a little weight it looks like it was muscle mass. So how did this happen? Well one error led to another…

My body fat tracker

One error compounds another

Last Tuesday I posted a blog in which I talked about how encouraged I was by the progress I had made in the first two weeks of my 40 day challenge. I went on to say that if I tightened up my nutrition I was certain I would complete my challenge in a lot better shape than I started it. So after being so positive 6 days ago how come I ended up making no progress this week?

Well despite training well all week I made two small but crucial nutritional errors that led to me making one big one! The small ones were silly and looking back I am frustrated I made them. The first was on Wednesday when I missed lunch and the second one was on Thursday when my dinner consisted of four Jammie Dodgers and two Bourbon biscuits. I worked late and didn’t prep a meal so just reached for the nearest sugary snack. I don’t even like Jammie Dodgers!

These two mistakes meant that when it came to my personal training session at 6:30am on Friday I didn’t have a lot of energy. Despite giving my all in the session it was clear I had nothing in the tank and I needed to refuel big time. Unfortunately despite having a healthy breakfast of grilled bacon and scrambled eggs the rest of the day went wrong in a big way! I ate like a man who had been told he had one day to eat as many calories as he could in 24 hours. All of this led to me waking up Saturday morning with a bad food hangover.

A bad food hangover

Even before I opened my eyes I knew I was in trouble. My body was screaming at me for some nutritional goodness and that was a clear sign that had what I call a ‘bad food hangover’. It is when you eat way too much food and your whole body feels blueergh.

I have been eating pretty well for the last few weeks and definitely not binging. So after my binge on Friday it was no surprise I felt like I did. I woke up feeling lethargic, thirsty and in need of some serious healthy food. I would’ve killed for a bowl of fresh fruit! Despite not having fresh fruit in the house I decided not to compound the errors of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I ate pretty healthy all day Saturday. This meant I woke up Sunday feeling a lot better but still not great. It is funny how one truly bad day can leave you feeling so flat. Unfortunately the good work of the previous four days was undone by Friday but I made sure I didn’t make the damage worse and I am pretty pleased about that.

The good and the bad

Every week I look back and try and identify one positive and an area I could’ve done better with. It is pretty clear where I could’ve done better, DON’T SKIP MEALS AND THEN BINGE!!! The positive is less clear but I think it has to be that despite having a bad Friday I didn’t give up and made sure I had a healthy(ish) Saturday and Sunday. Keeping it healthy over the weekend and doing a BodyBalance class on Sunday morning meant that I maintained parity at the very least.

Over halfway

With only 19 days left I am going to struggle to hit my target of losing 3% body fat but I am determined to do as well as I can. Tomorrow morning represents a fresh start and I will be hitting the gym with renewed enthusiasm. From there I am going to have a healthy day and then see what Wednesday brings. If I take it one day at a time who knows where I might end up on Friday 16th December.

Thank you for reading



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