It is ok to be self-conscious: A little reassurance from LDN Muscle


On Christmas Eve The Times Magazine cover was adorned with four topless men and the caption ‘The year men (not women) became obsessed with their bodies’. The four men on the front cover are the guys who started LDN Muscle. As my parents usually get The Times I asked them to keep the supplement so that I could read the article. As someone who at times has been obsessed with my fitness and my body I was intrigued by the title and wanted to know what the article would say.

Whilst a lot of it confirmed what I already believed, that there has been a fundamental change in the way men view their bodies, I was surprised by one of the quotes from Lloyd from LDN Muscle. Now before you read the quote, here is a picture of Lloyd…

Image taken from @LB_LDNM twitter account

I think most people would agree that he looks in great shape and most men would be pretty happy to have his body. Yet in his own words he is still self-conscious.

“Lifting weights is almost entirely about changing your physical appearance. Personally, I’m still self-conscious, which is why I do it. There is a lot of pressure to stay looking in good condition, doing what we’re doing, but I feel a lot happier with my body than I used to.

What is great to hear is that the hard work he has put in has led to him being lot happier with his body than he used to be. However the thing that has given me reassurance is that Lloyd is still self-conscious. I know that might seem a horrible thing to say but actually it has reassured me that it is possible to be self-conscious about your body no matter what shape you are in.

Over the last couple of years there have been times where I have been way too hard on myself and it has left me feeling pretty miserable. Knowing that others are self-conscious and might feel the same way has made me feel a lot better. I now understand that I am not the only one who has had negative feelings. When planning my goals for 2017 I was determined not to be so hard on myself this year. Having read the article I am now even more determined to work on being positive and changing the way I view my body.

I am no longer going to compare myself to other people in the gym or people I follow on social media. I am instead going to focus on my own fitness journey and see how my body changes over the next 12 months. I will be using the LDN Muscle advice of taking a photo every week to track my progress. I hope that by taking a photo every Sunday morning I will see positive changes as the year progresses. Hopefully by the end of the year my body will be much stronger and leaner but more importantly I will view it in a much more positive way!



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