My five January payday picks

So Blue Monday has come and gone which means that the countdown to the first payday of 2017 is ON! I love spending money on anything fitness related, whether that’s new training clothing, equipment or nutrition products. As the weather was horrible at the weekend I spent a little time ‘window shopping’ online. Brands such as Adidas, Nike and Under Armour have released some great stuff recently so I thought I would make a payday wishlist. So here are my five January payday picks:

Adidas ZNE hoodie – £65 at JD Sports

First up is the Adidas Z.N.E hoodie. I go to the gym at 6am every morning and at this time of the year it is usually very cold when I leave the house. This hoodie looks great and has lots of great details, including thumbholes to keep your hands warm. A perfect addition to any winter fitness wardrobe.

Nike Flex Training Shorts – £35 at JD Sports

I love the Nike brand and have done for years. Their clothing always fits me really well and I love the look of these shorts. I prefer to wear shorts when I train, I find wearing tracksuit bottoms uncomfortable. Like I said earlier, clothing that doesn’t fit properly is a distraction you don’t need. At £35 they are not cheap but they will last forever and would be a great addition to my gym clothing collection!

Under Armour Tech T-Shirt – £20 at JD Sports

I have a few Under Armour T-shirts that I wear when I am training and I absolutely love them. Being tall means it is hard to find T-shirts that are long enough without being baggy. That is why I love my current Under Armour T-shirts; they fit really well and are comfortable to wear. Badly fitting gym gear is a distraction no one needs! This T-shirt looks great and at £20 it is a bargain!

Nike Hyperwarm Field Player Gloves – £20 at JD Sports

My goal for 2017 is to run the Birmingham Half Marathon in under 90 minutes and I’ll be starting my training soon. As I will be running at night I’m going to need some gloves to stop my fingers from freezing. These Nike Hyperwarm Field Player Gloves look great and having worn Hyperwarm gear before I know they will keep my hands from getting frostbite!

my_five_january_payday_picks_scimx_protein_brownie_1Sci-Mx Protein Brownie – £21.48 for 12 at

The final item on my five January payday picks list is not gym clothing but rather a new nutrition product. Since trying Sci-Mx products a couple of years ago I have become a bit of an advocate. The reason I am such a big fan is because they taste great. This new Sci-Mx Protein Brownie looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it! As I have a very sweet tooth this will be the perfect afternoon protein snack.

So those are my five January payday picks, only nine days until payday!!!!!



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