Time to lace up my running shoes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my blog 2017 – One single Focus I stated that my goal for 2017 is to run the Birmingham Half Marathon in under 90 minutes. This won’t be the first time that I’ve run the Birmingham Half but hopefully it will be the first time I break the 90-minute barrier.

Last year I tried to complete a 100-mile bike ride in less than six hours but came up a short. The main reason for this was that I didn’t put in enough training and so didn’t have the miles in my legs. Determined to learn my lesson from last year I’ve decided to start my half marathon training as lot earlier.

On Sunday it will be 37 weeks to race day, or to put it another way I have 259 days to get myself race ready! That may sound like loads of time but if I am to achieve my goal of running a sub 90 minute half marathon my average pace will need to be 6 mins 52 secs. Right now I have no idea if I could run one mile at that pace let alone 13.1 miles! So to make sure I get my preparation right I have built myself a training schedule. I have broken down the next 37 weeks into four stages to keep things manageable. The four stages are:

  1. First steps – 4 weeks of light running culminating in running 5km on Sunday February 26th.
  2. Building stamina – Following a week of rest I will then start an 8-week training programme designed to get me fit to run 10km. This will culminate with me running 10km in under an hour on Sunday April 30th.
  3. Pace work – I will then have another week off before starting another 8-week training programme aimed at improving my race pace. Again I will finish this with a 10km run but the aim will be to complete that in less than 45 minutes. I will be running this on Sunday July 2nd.
  4. Race preparation – The final stage will be race preparing. That will be a 14-weeks of training, ending with the Birmingham Half Marathon on Sunday October 15th.

So that is my Birmingham Half Marathon training schedule and it begins on Sunday. I can’t wait to start running again and I am determined to cross the finish line on the 15th October in less than 90 minutes.



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