My first run of 2017

my_first_run_of_2017Three days ago I posted a blog outlining my training schedule to get me ready to finish the 2017 Birmingham Half Marathon in under 90-minutes. The blog was titled ‘Time to lace up my running shoes’ and that is exactly what I did today. I put on my Adidas Boosts and I took the first steps towards my goal of a sub 90-minute half marathon.

The plan for the next four weeks is to get back into running regularly and build a base level of fitness and stamina. By the end of this period I want to be able to run 5km easily. To help me get there I am using the Nike+ Run Club app to plan and monitor my training. Today I completed my ‘Kick it off’ run and the target was to keep going for ten minutes continuously.

Although the 10-minute run was pretty straightforward I was given a sharp reminder of the challenge facing me. To complete a sub 90-minute half marathon I will need to maintain an average pace of 6:52, my time for a mile today was 8:29! That is a lot of time I need to shave off over the next 37 weeks!

In addition to finding out that I need to dramatically improve my average speed I also got a painful reminder of one of the ‘joys’ of running at this time of year. About two minutes in my lungs started to burn, not from being really unfit but rather the ice-cold air hitting them. According to my training plan I need to complete a ‘Benchmark’ run tomorrow night. With the weather likely to be just as cold the easy option would be to do it on a treadmill in a warm gym. However I am determined to do as much of my training on the road as possible, so I will be taking on the elements again tomorrow night! This time though I will know what to expect!



4 thoughts on “My first run of 2017

  1. After reading a load of inspiring blog posts this afternoon, I’m beginning to realise that I need a race to aim for. I’ve not got anything planned yet and I think that’s why I’ve got no motivation to run at the moment. Have you run the Birmingham race before? Would you recommend it?


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