January was a success, now for February

january_was_a_success_now_for_februaryUnlike a lot of people in January I didn’t commit to any big resolutions or weight loss goals. I didn’t start the month wanting to lose a stone or drop 5% body fat. Instead I wanted to focus on the process of being healthy rather than the end result. Last year I spent so much time worrying about the end result that I didn’t enjoy the process. So this year it is all about the process and guess what, so far that has led to some great results!

By the end of January I had lost half a stone and 1.5% body fat! More importantly I enjoyed the process of eating healthier and training hard. Being completely honest, I didn’t stick religiously to my process. I struggled to drink 3 litres of water a day and I also didn’t train five times some weeks. I might have even had a couple of extra treat meals! However unlike last year, whenever I stumbled I made sure that the following day I refocused on the process and got myself back on track. The key thing I learnt was not to become frustrated by failing but rather use it as motivation to be better the following day.

Having seen what focussing on the process can achieve I’ve decided to do the same again in February. However unlike January this month has the potential to be very different! At some point in the next five weeks I know that my wife will give birth to our first child and my life will change forever. The moment my wife goes into labour my ‘process’ will be thrown out of the window. However despite the sleepless nights and countless dirty nappies on the horizon I am determined to keep focussing on the process right up until we head to the hospital. I want to be as healthy as possible for when the baby is born. Also when he or she (we don’t know what we are having) does arrive I am determined to keep maintain a healthy approach to my nutrition as I don’t want the hard work that I have put in since the start of the year to be wasted.

My plans for when the baby arrives might seem foolish and I honestly have no idea if once he or she arrives I will have the motivation to eat healthy food, let alone cook it. However I know that every day until the life changing moment arrives is a golden opportunity to keep improving and I am determined not to waste a single one!



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