My five reasons for loving running

my_five_reasons_for_loving_running_imageAs it is Valentine’s Day today I thought I would share the five reasons why I love running. I have played sport all my life but I only really started ‘running’ in my late twenties. Before then the only time I ran was either training for or playing football, rugby or cricket. However as I started playing less team sports I started running to stay in shape.

Over the last few years I have had a mixed relationship with running, which has been largely due to a couple of injuries. However as my goal for this year is to run the Birmingham Half Marathon in under 90 minutes I am determined to work on my relationship with running. And so I figured the best place to start was to look at why I love it!

The first reason I love running is because pounding the pavement helps me clear my mind. After a long day at work I find going for a run is a great way to process what had happened that day and think of ways to overcome any challenges I’m currently facing. I guess you could say that running is a form of therapy for me. Generally I come back from a run feeling more positive about things.

Reason two for my love affair with running is that it is a great way to explore the world. Two of my most memorable runs in the five years have been in New York and Kuala Lumpur. Running around these cities allowed me to see them in a completely different to someone who is sightseeing. It is not only cities abroad that running has helped me see a different side of. I have lived in and around Birmingham for a decade but when I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon for the first time I discovered parts of the city.

Exploring Kuala Lumpur

The third reason is the challenge element of running. Unlike team sports, running is a individual sport. Every run is a fresh opportunity to push myself that little bit harder or run a little bit further. I also like the challenge of taking part in events such as 10km and half marathons. The event I enjoyed the most was completing the Birmingham Half Marathon with my little sister. As someone who thrives on challenges, this is one of things that keeps me coming back to running. In fact I am sure that the challenge element  will keep my running late into my life!

Before I ran the Birmingham Half Marathon with my sister Amy

Reason four is a very simple one, the more I run the more I can eat. I love good food and it is well documented that I have a very sweet tooth. Running regularly means that I can eat more of the food I love and indulge in a few more sweet treats. If there was a way to equate miles run to bags of M&M’s I think I would do 10 miles a day!

The final reason I love running is one that every runner can identify with and is the most important – it is the buzz you get after completing a really good run. People get highs from all sorts of different exercises, but for me there is a unique feeling having completed a tough run. The sense of accomplishment coupled with the endorphins flowing around your body is amazing.

Those are my five reasons for my love affair with running, if you have a similar relationship with running it would be great to hear your reasons.



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