I’m not giving up something for lent…

im_not_giving_up_something_for_lentPancake day is over and now attention turns from indulgence to restraint as people give up one of their guilty pleasures. Traditionally the next 40 days represents a time where most Christians give up certain types of luxuries as a form of penance. Up and down the country people who aren’t necessarily religious will be using lent as an opportunity to try and give up a vice in order to become a little healthier. I have tried to do that in the past and more often than not I’ve failed. So this year instead of giving something up I have decided to flip things on their head and add something to my daily routine to make me healthier.

There are a couple of reasons for my approach; firstly I am trying to be more positive and denying myself something feels like a negative act. Secondly I want to improve my flexibility and mobility. At the start of the year I blogged that I wanted to improve both of these areas and lent presents a great opportunity to focus on them. Thirdly I want to take every precaution to avoid further injury when I start running again. I recently tore my Gastrocnemius and whilst I do stretch pre and post every run I think adding in some more focussed stretching time is only going to help me stay injury free.

My plan is pretty simple, I’m going to spend 30 minutes a day stretching every part of my body to help improve my flexibility and mobility. I will also be using a foam roller to target tight muscles and give myself some self-massage. One area that is going to be worked on a lot is is my hip mobility. Sitting at a desk all day can lead to tight hip flexors and I definitely have them. Developing good hip flexibility will definitely help my running in the long term. To do this I will be using a stretch called the ‘Frog pose’. I learnt about it when I tried BodyBalance last year and it certainly help then. Hopefully 30 minutes of regular stretching every day over the next 40 days will lead to me having much better flexibility and mobility.



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