Rehab and refocus

EVERY_THIRD_DAY_Rehab_and_refocusI recently blogged about tearing my Gastrocnemius and stupidly I have made it worse. After a couple of weeks of rest, taking ibuprofen religiously and lots of stretching it felt good again. The sensible thing to do would’ve been to progressively test it and until I felt I was back to full fitness. However I decided against being sensible, I thought I was ready to play in an 11-a-side company football match on Friday night. Unfortunately I hugely overestimated my powers of recovery and made things worse. To add insult to injury I landed awkwardly after making a tackle and injured my hip and shoulder too!

On Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I was a broken man, the majority of my body hurt and I struggled to get out of bed. My calf was agony, my right hip and shoulder hurt and my neck was so sore I couldn’t turn my head without wincing! As I sat drinking my morning coffee I reflected on what an idiot I had been. It also dawned on me that if I really want to achieve the goals I set out in my first ever blog then I need to be much better at prioritisation. I have 32 weeks until the Birmingham Half Marathon and for the next 224 days, if it doesn’t make me a better runner I am not doing it!

Before I can think about running again I need to get myself injury free and address any underlying issues with my joint mobility that could cause further injury. I’ve booked a consultancy session with a sports physiotherapist to sort out my calf and hopefully she will address any other issues that I need sorting. I am also going to complete a full mobility test with a PT to see what areas I need to work on.

Despite this self inflicted setback I don’t believe that what I am trying to is impossible. Other bloggers such as The Food Medic and manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying the challenge of a busy job. Where I have been falling down recently is that I don’t prioritise very well. I need to develop a mentality where I don’t waste a minute of the limited time I have available to me. If I make every minute count and always keep my end goal in sight then I have no doubt that I will not only achieve this year’s goal but also my other four!

And on the note I am going to spend the next 30 minutes working on my flexibility before diving into the latest edition of Men’s Health magazine.

Thank you for reading.




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